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For friends a world apart but always close at heart.

This set of dainty, handmade heart necklaces are a meaningful gift you can share with a loved one across any distance. Beautifully presented against the backdrop of our handmade, tearable world map art card - which includes a special quote - choose this heart necklace set in either a gold or silver finish. Tear the card so there’s one for you and one for her - a meaningful, special gift that reminds you both that no matter the distance, you’re always close at heart.

The text on the card can be customized if you want to include your own personal words from the heart and make it an even more special gift.


✧ Heart necklace set on handmade card
✧ Material: 100% brass
✧ Available Finish: 16k gold or rhodium silver
✧ Length: 16″ + 2″ extension (41 cm + 5 cm)
✧ Perfect for every style and easy to combine
✧ Beautifully packaged with personal note and securely shipped
✧ Handmade & designed in Canada