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Classic and timeless, our Miandu Small Flower Locket is a round pendant with floral embossing, lovingly designed and handmade from brass with 16k gold finish.

Ideal for those who prefer meaningful jewelry pieces that complement a sophisticated wardrobe aesthetic with soft, feminine touches, this locket is perfect for holding a special note or keepsake close to heart.

You’ll receive this Small Flower Locket mounted to a beautiful, handmade art card with a special message. You can also choose to add your own words from the heart with our custom card option - a perfect way to personalize this meaningful jewelry piece if it’s meant to be a gift. Find out more here.


✧ Gold flower necklace on handmade card
✧ Material: 100% brass
✧ Available Finish: 16k gold
✧ Locket Size: .5" x .5" (12mm x 12mm)
✧ Length: 27″ +2″ extension (68.5 cm + 2.5 cm)
✧ Beautifully packaged with personal note and securely shipped
✧ Handmade & designed in Canada
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