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There is nothing like the bond between a mother and a daughter. You know each other’s heartbeat since the beginning of your time together. You’ve been through so much. Fun times, hard times, days filled with joy, others with tears. These days made you stronger, made you more connected and created memories you will carry with you forever.

Our heart necklace sets are little reminders of your story together. They are made to carry each other close no matter where you are.

The beautiful quote on the card says: “No daughter and mother ever live apart, no matter the distance between you.” – written by Christie Watson

You can choose your color. We offer gold or silver and you can get them mixed and matched, depending of what you two prefer.


✧ Tiny heart necklace set on handmade & perforated card
✧ Material: 100% brass
✧ Available Finish: 16k gold or rhodium silver
✧ Length: 16″ + 2″ extension (41 cm + 5 cm)
✧ Perfect for every style and easy to combine
✧ Beautifully packaged with personal note and securely shipped
✧ Handmade & designed in Canada