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The perfect little locket to hold special words close to your heart, our Miandu Envelope Locket is a sweet, whimsical handmade jewelry piece with engraving detail and a hinged flap so you can easily add your special note, image, or tiny keepsake inside and keep it safely secured.

Beautifully presented on a handmade card, the Envelope Locket is crafted from 100% brass and finished in 16k gold on a delicate matching chain.

Our handmade card carries this message: “My dear, you are so loved. Never forget how important you are to me & always remember what we have been through together.”

Keep our specially designed card, or add your personal message with our custom card option here.


✧ Gold envelope necklace on handmade card
✧ Material: 100% brass
✧ Available Finish: 16k gold
✧ Locket Size: .3" x .5" (10mm x 12mm)
✧ Length: 27″ +2″ extension (68.5 cm + 2.5 cm)
✧ Beautifully packaged with personal note and securely shipped
✧ Handmade & designed in Canada
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