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Our Story

Miandu is the heartfelt, love-inspired, jewel-based, meaningful gift creator for the modern woman who wants to send tangible embraces to loved ones anywhere in the world, to nurture the bonds of family or friendships at any distance. 

The inspiration for Miandu came, as inspiration often does, from the sorrows of an artistic mind and her creative hands.

Judith Nanasi, founder of Miandu, uprooted her life when she moved to Canada, leaving behind the deep roots of her family and friends in Germany. 

In missing them and seeking to find new ways to connect with her loved ones, she began to create small tokens of her love to express in tangible ways the high place these relationships held in her heart and thoughts, even from a great distance.

Jewelry has been the medium of conveying the deepest expressions of our love for our most cherished relationships since time immemorial, so using this medium to express love and share meaningful moments was a natural fit for the creatively inclined Judith. 

Now Miandu is for everyone who desires to connect in deeper ways with loved ones near or far - to gift an expression of love that creates a beautiful memory shared, nurtures the relationship bond, and lives on. 

Watch how Miandu Started

Designer & owner Judith shares her heartfelt story of how Miandu came to life.


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