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Our Purpose

Miandu is the creation of Judith Nanasi, who moved from her native Germany to Canada – Yes, for love!

Leaving loved ones is never easy, but Judith found that by creating and sharing small gifts she could show how important her friends and family were. 

From the early expression of her love for far away loved ones in a tangible token, Miandu was born to give others in similar situations the same ability to nurture relationships through meaningful moments and tokens. 

All Miandu designs are inspired by, and made for, real stories about real people.

Miandu purposes to create jewel-based from-the-heart gifts that build closeness between the giver and the receiver across any distance - from a mother-daughter relationship in the same home to a friendship across the ocean - a thoughtful, love-inspired gift to build moments that become memories and give care to the bond for it to grow.