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Meet Judith

Owner and Designer of Miandu

When I came to Canada, I realized how meaningful little gifts can be. I really missed my family and friends back home in Germany, and creating something very personal helped in keeping each other close, even if we were living on different continents.

Miandu comes from the two words, ‘me’ and ‘you’, and it was formed by the idea of sharing something, being connected no matter where you are, and of creating little precious moments together that will live on through that piece of jewelry that has been shared between two loved ones.

I love designing, and making the pieces for my designs. Every piece I design is inspired from my own life and I’ve laboured over every tiny detail of it until it expresses exactly what it should express.  My own hands have shaped every delicate line. 

That the words I’ve written and the jewelry pieces I’ve handmade will be lovingly gifted and worn by people who will feel as connected by them as I do is the most wonderful feeling I can imagine.  It gives me a brand new avenue of inspiration for new designs that showcase the depth of connection between loved ones near and far.

Hello it's Judith

owner and designer of Miandu