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Miandu Material Options

We offer 2 different grades of materials for a wide variety of options.

Grade 1

  • 16k gold dipped
  • Rhodium Silver dipped
  • Rose Gold dipped

Grade 2

  • 14k gold filled
  • Sterling Silver
  • Rose Gold dipped

What's the difference?

Our materials come with different properties and a different price tag.

The plated materials are the strongest available but are still more finicky than the filled materials or sterling silver. If you want to wear your jewelry at all times (though we recommend taking it off during swimming and showering) we suggest our filled or sterling silver option.

How strong is the plating?

The plated materials we use have been double dipped, which means they got a strong cover of gold, silver or rose gold. They are much higher quality than regular plated materials but they still need careful care to keep their shine.

Please be aware that lotions, skin chemicals and humidity can sometimes have a stronger effect on the plating. If you see any changes in discoloring please clean & store your jewelry accordingly.

Cleaning Guide

  • Keep away from water (avoid to shower or swim with your jewelry on)
  • clean after each use with a soft cloth (or jewelry cloth)
  • store in a jewelry case or bag

You can find more info about cleaning our different materials here.