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We offer different material choices for you to choose from. Many (only when listed in the drop down menu) of our items are available in the following materials:

  • 16k gold dipped
  • Rhodium silver
  • Rose gold dipped


  • 14 k gold filled
  • Sterling silver
  • Rose gold filled

Both materials have are made from high quality materials but differ in their features and care.

What's the difference between Gold-Filled vs Plated?

If you ever wondered about this, you are not alone! There is a significant quality difference between gold-filled and plated materials. While gold-filled material has the same qualities as solid gold, the plated materials will rub off over time. Plated, or dipped materials contain only a tiny layer of gold which are electroplated onto the base (in our case it is 100% jewelers brass). Usually gold-plated or dipped materials don't contain more than 0.05% of gold. This doesn't mean it is bad quality, it just needs more care but it is much more wallet friendly than anything containing more gold.

Cleaning Guide

  • Keep away from water (avoid to shower or swim with your jewelry on)
  • clean after each use with a soft cloth (or jewelry cloth)
  • store in a jewelry case or bag

You can find more info about cleaning our different materials here.