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Miandu Jewelry Care Guide

Taking care of your jewelry ensures that your precious pieces will be part of your life for a long time. To help you find the right way for your Miandu Jewelry we created a guide for each material we offer in our store.

Miandu Jewelry Options Upgrade Gold Filled Sterling Silver or Rose Gold Filled

Gold and rose gold filled jewelry

Both are unlikely to change color but it can sometimes happen due to humid conditions, skin care products or sweat. The strong properties of filled materials ensure that you can wear them all the time. But our jewelry is very fine and dainty so, don't be too rough on it.

  • if not worn, store in a dry, protected place (best is a jewelry box or a little bag)
  • Wipe off with the jewelry cloth once in a while to remove acidity from sweat or lotions.
  • clean when discoloring with a gentle soap and a soft toothbrush under some water until it shines again. Pad dry immediately with a towel or cloth and polish with the jewelry cloth provided with your purchase

Sterling silver jewelry

This is a wonderful and robust material which unfortunately tarnishes a lot. But it is very simple to remove any stains. There are different methods, depending on your piece of jewelry and on the intensity of discoloration.


1 - Light discoloration and no soft gem stones (f.e. opal, turquoise etc)
  • place some tin foil in a small bowl
  • add a teaspoon of plain salt and your jewelry
  • Boil some water and put in the bowl
  • you will see the tarnish react with the salt and tinfoil. There will be little bubbles and the shine comes back within seconds. It will also smell funny, a little bit like eggs.
  • take jewelry out of the bowl and pad dry immediately.
  • if not worn, store in a dry, protected place (best is a jewelry box or a little bag)

    2 - Light discoloration and soft gem stones
    • Unfortunately hot water can break the gemstones, so I would not recommend the tinfoil & hot water method
    • instead buy some CREST toothpaste (has to be crest! but feel free to experiment)
    • rub the toothpaste, mixed with some water and soft toothbrush gently over the jewelry piece
    • with warm water, rinse off all the toothpaste and pad dry immediately.
    • repeat if needed
    • if not worn, store in a dry, protected place (best is a jewelry box or a little bag)

    3 - Strong discoloration
    • sometimes sterling silver turns very dark black due to humidity or because it hasn't been used since a long time use.
    • Try the methods above
    • if they don't work, buy some Sterling Silver Jewelry Cleaner at your jewelry store
    • follow the instructions
    • if not worn, store in a dry, protected place (best is a jewelry box or a little bag)

      Gold,- rose gold or rhodium dipped jewelry

      • put on last and take off first
      • avoid contact with water, lotion and sweat (during work out)
      • Wipe off with a soft cloth once in a while
      • if you have strong discoloration you can use a soft tooth brush and some gentle soap and clean your jewelry. Dry immediately with a jewelry cloth.
      • store in a dry, protected place (best is a jewelry box or a little bag)

      VIDEO for plated materials (COMING SOON)

      It is much less likely to tarnish than plated materials or sterling silver. The best way to care for your jewelry is to wipe it off once in a while with a jewelry cloth (we provide on with your purchase) and keep it safely stored in a bag or jewelry box, when you are not wearing it.

      If it did tarnish, you can gently clean it with some warm (not hot) water and soap. Use a soft tooth brush to get into all the little creases. Clean the soap off with some water and wipe it dry with a kitchen towel (be gentle, so you don't get kitchen towel stuck in your jewelry). Leave it out to air dry and keep shining along!

      little how to VIDEO & pictures (COMING SOON)

      If you have any questions please send us an email anytime via info@mianduforever.com