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Meaningful Jewelry for the Botanicals Lover

June 2020 | Ellie Tyson

Jewelry Gifts from the Heart for Those You <3

Miandu Botanicals Collection Celebrates Life in Bloom

Miandu is handcrafted, meaningful jewelry inspired by stories of love and friendships that make life so rich, deep, and fulfilling. It is jeweled expressions of the connections between loved ones near and far; and also of the important relationship of the self with self.

Healthy, happy, well adjusted individual lives need the bonds of healthy, connected relationships to express their best realities, and that was something that we all took for granted for most of our lives. Until Covid-19 and the drastic, previously incomprehensible fallout began raining down all around the globe.

Lockdowns have put us into isolation that’s gone from days, to weeks, and gradually into months. We’ve watched winter wane from our window as we’ve grappled for some sense of normalcy and assurance that things will be okay. We’ve struggled to hold onto a sense of community and belonging the pandemic freefall and resulting loss of human touch and connection has thrown into shadows of loss.

Love, belonging, connection, relationship, community - as lockdowns and isolation control measures have stretched on without a definitive end in sight, the revelation in the ruin has been the gradually clarified value of these most deep and essential of human needs attributes.

And of the growing of new life.

Maybe you’ve found yourself evaluating what’s in your life and noticing that some things are better let go of and some things might need to be edited or added, creating a morphing from what was before into what will continue onward.

And while all of that was happening, winter melted under the springtime sun that came to see us earlier and departed later every day, until gradually everything dead was blooming and budding again.

These are the days that gave the inspiration to Miandu for the Botanicals Collection.

The Botanicals line of handmade artisan jewelry pieces are like beautiful poetry emblematic of the hopes, dreams, and solace birthed through the new life of nature blooming after winter.

The Botanicals are perfect wearable reminders of life after winter, of growth after rainfall, and of hope after darkness. Choose them for yourself, or give them as gifts to loved ones.

Although a new collection in our lovingly designed and handcrafted shop, we have two pieces that seem to be leading favourites in the Botanicals line so far: Wildflower and Ginko.

Wildflower Handmade Necklace

"Like a wildflower you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would."

The wildflower; what can we say about this deceptively delicate looking head of petals splashing countrysides and terrains with every vibrant colour under the rainbow? It is feminine and bold; soft and strong; beautiful and hardy; it blooms in wherever the seed sprouts - from neglected city alleyways to country pastures; from roadside ditches to mountain slopes.

A wildflower is Mother Nature’s fragrant bouquet of colour that represents the depth of value in pursuing something lovely for the eyes to behold for no reason other than to have the joy of beholding such beauty.

Wildflower Necklace Miandu

Shop the Wildflower in our Botanicals Collection

Ginkgo Handmade Necklace

”Dreaming is, after all, the best form of planning.”

This quote of life well dreamed before it can truly be well lived is the inspiration for our lovely Ginkgo necklace jewel. Ginkgo is symbolic of perseverance and commitment, and it’s a perfect piece of lovingly handmade jewel to glimmer near your heart in reminder of your capacity to go on and do hard things.

Ginkgo Necklace Miandu Botanicals