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8 wonderful ideas to spend the holidays of 2020 in Lockdown

December 2020 | Judith Nanasi

I know this has been a unique year. Lets end it on a high note, despite the lock down rules over Christmas. Like most of us, I have been thinking a lot about how these special days will look like. Without the family & friends that usually join together, eat and drink and celebrate this annual ritual.

So, I spent the last days, gathering up cute ideas that will make this Christmas truly memorable and unique.


1 - Create your own Gingerbread house

Not only is creating a Gingerbread house super fun they are also extremely tasty and they will cheer your up until they have been eaten up. And you can create them as complicated and simple as you want.

A very simple version is to buy square butter cookies (Graham Crackers f.e.) and glue them together with a mix of sugar and water. A more complicated version is to bake your own ginger cookies, but whatever you decide the most important part is to cover the house in as many of your favorite candies as possible.

What about making a family wide competition, share photos and vote for the best house of the year?

Here are some lovely inspirations for you to try:


Christmas Gingerbread House



 2 - Make it EXTRA festive this year

Dress up for dinner, buy more lights, candles and decorate the house like never before. Especially this year, we should ditch the joggers over dinner and make an effort to be festive, glamorous and in Christmas spirits. My go to this year will be a tulle skirt.

Maybe, dig out that one necklace you inherited from your grandma with a beautiful dress, or check out an easy DIY hair tutorial. You have enough time to trial and error. And if it falls apart.. Who cares...



3 - Create your own Christmas Cookie Box (and share it with others)

Christmas Cookie boxes are probably my most favorite part of giving. Everyone always gets cookies from me. I love to bake, decorate and assemble them and I think this year, these handcrafted treats will be much more appreciated by family, friends and neighbors. The links below show my two favorite boxes so far.



 4 - Mulled Wine, Cheese and Netflix Night.

Spice up your Netflix night with a charcuterie board (I love them, because you can just throw together whatever you have in your fridge & pantry and it will be amazing - it is all about the presentation) and some mulled wine (for extra coziness). Those work with alcohol or without. I usually let them boil a little bit so the alcohol disappears. And if someone needs them boozy they can add some extra rum.



5 - Send a Christmas Package to someone in need.

Packaging goodies for someone, who will cherish them is one of my favorite acts over Christmas. This year, I have sent a package to the staff of the retirement home that takes care of my grand parents. Not only are these amazing people, they also had a crazy year behind them and I value their work and their care so much! But there are so many places to send little packages to. Good items are always, candies & treats, candles, lotion.

Who do you want to give a special gift?



 6 - Knit a Christmas 2020 scarf

I love the tradition that you gift a piece of clothing for Christmas. I also love to create a piece of clothing during a special time. This piece will then always be connected to the memories, the smells, the food or the shows I watched. So, why not knit, crochet or sew a scarf that will remind of this special year.

Go crazy, make one for yourself, and as many as you want for all the other lovely people, you would have spent Christmas with this year.



7 - Create your own Christmas 2020 drink

I am all about a good drink. No need for booze, it is the flavor that will remind me. With drinks, you can get really experimental. Like creating your own bitters (pretty difficult) or your own essence (like peppermint or grapefruit).

Creating a drink for the holidays is a unique way of making flavorful memories. All you need is something sparkly, some frozen fruit, lemon, lime, grapefruits, oranges, coconut milk. Get creative. My drink of the year will highly likely be a peach, raspberry & peppermint Bellini. What about you? Please share in the comments your favorite combination. 



8 - Create a Calendar for 2021

2020 was a year, no one expected and no one needs to be reminded of, that its good to be over. Every end starts with a new beginning and the time around Christmas is perfect to plan for what's coming next. Of course, we don't know what will happen, but creating something beautiful for the future will make the future more beautiful no matter what.

Creating a calendar is one of my Christmas traditions. While writing down all the dates and choosing pictures, I am also connecting to the new year, to what is important to me, to what I want to accomplish and what dreams I want to fulfill. Or if you are not into wall calendars, what about a journal. Envisioning what the next year might have in store for you is a wonderful start into a new year.



So, which of these 8 ideas are you going to incorporate into your lockdown Christmas? Let me know in the comments

And Merry Christmas to all of you. Let's make this years Christmas as unique as the year was, filled with love, optimism, positivity and creativity.