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April 2020 | Judith Nanasi

My lovely friends. Today is SUCH A SPECIAL DAY! Miandu is turning ONE YEAR! And what a year this was. Through all the fun and beauty there was so much I learned. So many unexpected things happened. I couldn't have managed without my friends and family and for that, I am deeply grateful.

To celebrate properly I thought I officially share this wonderful video about Miandu. The video was created by the talented Calvin Ho from Socialpixel. They are a marketing agency in Edmonton which focuses on local businesses on a very creative and personal level. I love how the video turned out. While shooting it I was SOOOO nervous but somehow he managed to cut that out and made even my mom cry when she saw it. What do you think about this video?


 If you want to find out more about Social Pixel check them out on Instagram: @socialpixel.yeg or on Facebook