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For Me. For You. Forever.

Miandu creates inspired, meaningful jewelry pieces that celebrate the bonds that make us community - no matter how far apart life takes us from those cherished loved ones geographically.

Jewelry for you, for her, or for both!

Miandu is the thought and love connection between loved ones, expressed in dainty, whimsical and handcrafted jewelry pieces. Some are for you, some are for her, and some are for both of you.

Who is the beloved who springs to mind when you think of ‘me and you’? We make the lovely little pieces you can gift for any occasion - or no occasion at all. A beautiful, meaningful jewelry gift to let her know she’s close to your heart, no matter how far apart the two of you might be for the time being.

Shop at home, share anywhere in the world.

Miandu. Handmade with love in Canada. Giftable anywhere in the world.

Inspired Collections

Beautifully inspired collections of meaningful jewelry pieces for you or for loved ones

Miandu began as a way for founder, Judith, to share her love in a tangible way with those she left behind in Germany when she moved to Canada.  Now this same way to share long-distance connection is offered to you, no matter how far apart you might find yourself from your dearly beloveds.  We've created special collections of thoughtful jewelry to help you find just the right sparkle for the personality of the dear one you're missing right now. 

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